Senior/Disabled/Veteran Discounts.

We care about our family - Let us care about yours

We love to give back and why not to our Seniors/Disabled/Veterans


For every $30.00 worth of groceries purchased online - Receive $1.00 back

$30.00 - $1.00 / $60.00 - $2.00 / $90.00 - $3.00 / Etc...

Affordable Grocery Delivery LLC / AGD is dedicated to family values.

Whether it is your Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or someone you truly care about over 65 years young. We will take care of them.

Affordable Grocery Delivery was established in 2008 and the idea was designed around helping the people of the community.

What we offer your Family:

1. Ease of use on our website - So they can pick out any product they desire - or the order can be called in (954) 616-8240

2. We set up an appointment time that is convenient to your families needs

3. We will unload products into the kitchen to help your family organize where they want to put their food (If Necessary)

4. We make sure that your family is satisfied with a follow up call

We Accept:


Credit/ Debit -

EBT - (SNAP) Benefits Program - (Call For EBT)


Please don’t hesitate to Click Here: to email us at anytime.