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AGD Owner reserves the right to change pricing at any time and will inform the buyer before the transaction has been finalized Please remember that all Shopping locations may change prices at any time and this will passed on to the customer.
Grocery Patrons - please read our disclaimer and click the Terms and Conditions check box in check box area during checkout. By not doing so, order will not be processed. Once you have clicked the i agree to the terms and conditions there is no refund or chargebacks available.
3. The Seller guarantees that he/she is selling/delivering products in good faith to the buyer and that Seller is free of all encumbrances, liens and any and all legal claims - No Store Receipts are provided to said buyer for any reason - Prices fluctuate between our third party vendors and prices may not be valid at time of delivery. We will provide a receipt on our letterhead if needed.
4. The Seller warrants that no person shall have legal claim against the Buyer for the issuance of the Goods hereby sold and the Seller warrants indemnifying and holding harmless the Buyer from any and all adverse claims arising from the sale of the Goods.
5. The Seller or his/her agent gives no warranty or guarantee other than those specified in 3. And 4. Above.
6. The Buyer admits having inspected the Goods to his/her satisfaction and that no guarantees or warranties were expressed or implied by the Seller or his/her agent regarding the condition, quality or fitness for any purpose of the Goods.
7. The Goods are sold As-Is by third party vendors and the Seller shall not be liable for any defects, patent, latent or otherwise.
8. The risk passes to the Buyer once the Buyer or his/her agent takes possession of the Goods.
9. Card Holder, Credit Card and I.D. Must be present at time of Delivery (Unless otherwise arranged buy Owner - Call Us) 10.All Buyers purchasing Alcohol or Smoking products must be of the legal Florida age limit or over and must supply valid I.D. for our records for future purchases. I.D. must be given at the first purchase before items have exchanged hands and only that person may receive said items for all futures purchases unless a different I.D. and disclaimer have been re-signed. All under age orders will incur a $50.00 fee to the credit card on file if is not provided upon delivery.
11. The Purchase Price is the sum of the receipt provided by AFFORDABLE GROCERY DELIVERY.(Including all additional percentage fees stated on AGD website - All NSF checks or instruments (Checks, Pay pal, EBT, or Credit Cards) will incur a $50.00 charge if not honored by the buyer.
12. The Sellers employees reserve the right not to deliver to any Buyer if he/she feels that they may be in danger or for any reason and will contact the office at that time. AGD also does not have to delivery if the load is to big and the customer lives above the first floor (If there are no Elevators).All sales are final once order has been purchased by Affordable Grocery Delivery.
13. All orders delivered to hotels, Resorts or establishments that require a concierge, front desk personel or other will be dropped off with said person if buyer says so. AGD is not liable for any item that are damaged. Once the exchange is made, the sale is final.
14. Customer understands by signing the Credit Card Receipt or ordering and clicking the box on the Terms and Conditions check box on the checkout page, that this contract is legal and binding. There will be no refunds at all. Once order is placed online, no monies will be returned back to said customer and no chargebacks are available by buyer. Cancellation terms are 24 hours before delivery and must be submitted to, response must be made by owner or no monies will be returned to buyer. If purchasing for someone else and purchaser on credit cardis not present at time of delivery, (Copy of I.D. & Copy of Credit Card) Must be sent by email to for processing purpose with our banks or delivery will be held up till the information has been sent.
Attempt of underage purchases of Cigarettes and/or Alcohol is a criminal offense and will be punishable to the fullest extent of the law!!! In addition the complete order will be returned and no refund will be processed if driver does not receive correct identification.
Any monies left on account past 30 Days - Will be cancelled and there will be NO REFUND
Once you have clicked the I agree to the terms and conditions or signed this form there is no refund or chargebacks available.
Signed by Buyer: ______________________________________________________________________